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Movie Review: “House Hunting” (2013)

House Hunting 2013 DVDRip 450MB Hnmovies

Not a bad looking cover, but I was tired of looking at it so I wanted to go ahead and watch this so I could delete it from my queue.

This is yet another Netflix movie that I saw knowing nothing of the plot. I put it in my queue ages ago, based purely upon the mediocre star rating (which mediocre star ratings on Netflix for horror movies are usually an indication of a decent movie). I finally got myself in the right mood to watch a marginally unknown cast deliver try and deliver some horror on a slim budget. Continue reading



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Movie Review: “Antichrist” (2009)

antichrist_xlgI first tried to watch Antichrist over a year ago. The movie had a decent star rating on Netflix and I had heard horror fans buzzing about it so I definitely wanted to give it a shot. My boyfriend and I sat down to watch this on a Saturday evening knowing nothing of the plot details–I don’t think we even read the full description on Netflix.

The intro of the film was entirely uncomfortable for me. The scene alternates between Dafoe and Gainsbourg’s characters being intimate while their young son Nic, toddles around, eventually falling out the second-story window. The sex scene is unnecessarily graphic and actually shows penetration (although from model actors, not our stars). To add to the atmosphere, the scene is shot in black-and-white and is also set to opera music–cue the pretentious tone for the entire film.
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Movie Review: “Satan’s Little Helper” (2004)

Satan's Little HelperI’d seen the cover of this movie on Netflix Streaming and thought it would be truly awful. After doing some exploring of movie reviews online, I was surprised to find it had favorable reviews. From the cover, I expected the villain to look like Sam from Trick ‘r Treat but I quickly learned he more resembled the cheesey mask from the first episode of the Goosebumps children horror series. In addition to his mask, the character wears an oversized black suit jacket over black pants. He also wears gloves to match his mask.

The movie begins with a cliched setup of Dougie, a naive nine-year-old who is enamored with his sister. Along with his mom, the two are on their way to the ferry to pick up sister, Jenna, who is coming home from college to spend Halloween with her family. But Jenna has a surprise, she has brought her new boyfriend, Alex, along with her; Dougie does not like this. During the car ride we see that Dougie is obsessed with the video game Satan’s Little Helper, in which a boy wreaks havoc on society to please Satan. The game is comically-antiquated compared to today’s gaming technology, even considering the 2005 release date of the movie. Dougie is so obsessed with the game that he is of course dressing up like Satan’s Little Helper, which is basically just a standard child’s devil’s costume with an added cape (think vintage Ben Cooper Halloween children’s costumes). Continue reading

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