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Movie Review: “388 Arletta Avenue” (2011)


First-person/found-footage/point-of-view (POV) style movies don’t bother me as much as they do some horror fans. Sure, not all of them are good, but I don’t avoid a horror movie if I see that it is POV.

Last year when I learned of 388 Arletta Avenue, all I knew of the movie was that it was a horror movie with Devon Sawa and Nick Stahl–two actors I really like. I was also intrigued because, despite it being out for a few years, I hadn’t heard of it. After doing some (non-spoiler) research online, I was surprised to see many favorable reviews of it. Continue reading



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Movie Review: “Twixt” (2011)

TwixtcoverHall Baltimore (Val Kilmer) is a mediocre horror novelist who typically writes about witchcraft. On a book signing tour, Baltimore stops into a quaint unnamed town with a peculiar and sad history of disappearances and unsolved murders.

Upon meeting the town sheriff, Bobby LaGrange–who we learn is a fan of Baltimore’s books, Baltimore is invited back to the police station (and morgue) to view an unusual corpse of a recently murdered young girl. What’s unusual you ask? Well, she has a 3-foot-long stake protruding from of her chest. Sheriffe LaGrange is an aspiring writer and proposes the gruesome crime would make a great story.

Baltimore declines seeing the deceased girl’s face and finds modest local motel to rest his eyes for the night. In a video chat with his wife, we learn that Baltimore has money troubles. He is searching for inspiration to write his breakout novel and the odd lore and scenery of the town are providing the right motivation he needs. Baltimore dreams that night of the town, meeting a handful of colorful characters, notable a ghostly young girl named “V” and also Edgar Allan Poe, whom Baltimore learned earlier in the day had once visited the town’s once majestic but now ramshackled historical Chickering Hotel. Continue reading

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