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Happy 30th(!?!) Birthday: A List of Top Horror Movies Through My Years

Frankenstein birthday card 001

In celebration of my 30th birthday this week–February 4th, which also happens to also be George Romero’s birthday–I wanted to do something fun regarding the horror movies released in my lifetime. Below you will find a list of my favorite horror films from each year that I have been alive. This was a fun project to work on! There were some years where horror was disappointing and other years where I had a difficult time choosing. Enjoy the list! Continue reading



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Too Horrifying to Watch Again

In every film enthusiast’s repertoire there tends to be a handful of movies that, for one reason or another, are just truly un-rewatchable. I have compiled a list of those films that are for me, just too horrifying to sit through again. Some of them are just plain gruesome, while others just made me so uncomfortable during the first go ’round, that once is enough.

Disclaimer: Some of these aren’t necessarily considered straight horror but they do all hold horror elements. Also, the films listed here aren’t necessarily deemed “bad” movies, but for me, I won’t be re-watching anytime soon. Continue reading


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