About Me


I love watching horror movies and television and also enjoy reading horror fiction. I also enjoy horror video games and board games, as well as horror art. When it comes to movies, I don’t like to watch trailers and best enjoy going into films with as little plot info as possible–so you will probably see that reflected in my reviews. In addition to horror, you may see occasional posts about cat/library/interior design projects posted to my blog. And if I ever take up jogging, I’m sure some of my posts will be complaining about that.

I dream to be a full-time stay-at-home cat mom but until then, I pass my time working as a medical librarian. I also write horror fiction and medical/consumer health book reviews for Library Journal. I’m from Georgia but I don’t have an accent.

Contact Me

If you have any horror recommendations for me (movies, books, games, etc.), general input about my reviews, or any comments or feedback about my blog, I welcome your contact via email at scarylibrary {at} yahoo {dot} com or by using the contact form below. I’m also on Twitter @Carolann_Lee